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Student Council Bylaws

I. Moderators: Mrs. Patricia Griffin, Mrs. Lisa Struck

II.  Elected Members: President, Vice-President,  Secretary, Treasurer Ten Class Representatives (K-8)

Ill. Qualifications:

A.   Academic and Conduct Grades for Officers and Representatives

1. 3.0 GPA with no grades lower than C.

2. Conduct grades in all classes must be 1'sand 2's

3. Grades to qualify for elections in September will be based on the previous year's final grade.

Thereafter, continued membership on Student Council will be based on current year's grades.

B.  President: Seventh or eighth grade student

C.  Vice-President: Seventh or eighth grade student

D.  Secretary: Middle School Student

E.  Treasurer: Middle School Student

F.  Representatives: One representative from each grade for each grade; exception: a fifth grade student will be the representative for Kindergarten.


IV.  Election of OFFICERS:

A.   Maximum of four candidates on ballot for each office.

B.  Preliminary Screening:

1. Interested candidates must submit a typed essay entitled, "What it Means to Serve on Student Council"

2. Essays are due as directed by moderators.

3.    After reviewing the qualifications, the top essays will determine who will campaign for each office.

4.    Names will be announced by moderators on designated day.

C.  Petitions

1. Officer candidates must submit a petition signed by the Principal, and three faculty members.

2.      Petitions must also include the signatures of ten students in grades 6-8 and returned to the moderator.

 D.  Campaigning

1. Candidates will be allowed to display two posters per hallway one week before Election Day

2. Candidates are responsible to remove all posters after the election.

3. No candidate may engage in negative campaigning.

4. No candidate may distribute candy, buttons or other such novelties.

 E. Speeches

1. Each candidate will prepare a speech to present to the student body on designated date.

2. Speeches must be a minimum of one minute in length, and may not exceed three minutes.

F. Elections

1. Ballot vote will determine the winner by simple majority vote.

2. Officers will be officially installed in an all school assembly.

3. Announcement of elected offices at the end of the day.


A. Maximum of four candidates per homeroom.

1. After the election of officers, interested candidates for Representatives must submit their names to the Student Council Moderators for review of qualifications by designated date. Those students who ran unsuccessfully for an officer position, may run again for a homeroom representative  position.

2. Should there be more than four students desiring to run for Representative, the pool will be reduced by a mini-classroom election.

3. Eligible candidate will be informed by moderators.

B. Speeches

1. Candidates must deliver a one-two minute speech to his/her homeroom.

C. Elections

1. Representatives shall be elected by a simple homeroom majority ballot vote.

2. Representatives will be formally installed in an all-school assembly.


VI. Term of Office

All officers and representatives shall serve a one-year term. Each may choose to run for re-election the following school year.


VII.Removal from Office

A. Candidate will be removed from office for:

1. Academic grades lower than standard;

2. Conduct grade lower than standard;

3. Three unexcused absences.

B. Vacancies

1. Person who received the second- highest vote tally in the election will be declared the officer or representative, serving the remainder of the year.

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