3121 Hyde Park Road
Pensacola, FL 32503

Philosophy and Mission

The faculty and staff of St. Paul Catholic School believe that a Catholic education aids the parents in every aspect of the development and training of their children. St. Paul Catholic School has, as its specific duty, the complete formation of its students through spiritual, intellectual, social, aesthetic, emotional, and physical endeavors. This integration of faith and life is a part of a life-long process of conversion, until the student becomes what God wishes him/her to be.

Our Mission: St. Paul Catholic School is a Christ-centered learning community that inspires lifelong growth of mind, body, and spirit.

We will strive to achieve this goal by:

1. Providing a religiously oriented program in which the student learns the meaning and value of all God’s creation. This is done by providing daily study of the truths revealed to us by God through religious instruction, appropriate to the age, ability and development of the student, thus providing the student with an appreciation of 
his/her Catholic heritage.

2. Instilling within the student a desire to reach their potential by aiding them in the development of all natural faculties and spiritual, physical, intellectual, moral, and social powers.

3. Guiding each student with regard to their individual goals and commitment to share Christ’s life, love, and truth with those near and far.

4. Striving to develop an attitude of self-discipline by providing the students with the knowledge and skills needed to make the informed choices that life demands in order to become effective witnesses to the Catholic message.

5. Stressing the importance of cooperative communal effort whereby students, parents, priests, faculty, and administration work together in creating and preserving a genuine Catholic environment.

6. Maintaining an atmosphere wherein students can learn by precept, example, and practice. The faculty and staff of St. Paul Catholic strive to provide an environment in which students feel secure, confident and motivated as they challenge each other to grow toward higher levels of competence, responsibility and maturity.

As you walk through our campus you will find many visible signs of our beautiful Catholic faith.

Through Christ We Learn All

St. Paul Catholic School is one of the primary missions of St. Paul Parish.