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Middle School Curriculum

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Grades 6-8

The middle school years are such an important time in the life an individual. These years play an important part of the formation of a child and will help to determine their course of action into their teen and adult years. St. Paul Catholic School has much to offer the middle school student in the way of academic preparation, moral formation, and the spirit of Christian service to satisfy their need to belong and prosper. 


  • Religion- Our Sunday Visitor.  Students learn about the Old Testament, New Testament, Sacraments, Christology, and Church History in addition to the lives of the saints, liturgical seasons, morality, and service to the community. The day as well as each class begins with a prayer and the needs of each other and the wider community are brought before God. Students participate in Eucharistic Procession and attend Mass weekly. 
  • Math- Pearson Course 1,2,3, Algebra 1- Students must test into Algebra I with a score of 85% or better on the Iowa Algebra Readiness Test. Florida Virtual School is available for students showing an aptitude beyond Algebra I and documented passing of Florida EOC exams for Algebra I.
  • Science- McGraw Hill. Students complete course in Earth, Physical, and Biological Sciences in addition to lab safety. Students in 7th and 8th participate in Science Fair in the fall of the year.
  • Social Studies- Pearson. 6th Grade studies Geography and World History, 7th studies Geography, Civics and American History, 8th studies Geography and American History.
  • Literature- Students use a combination of textbook and novels to learn. Comprehension and Annotated writing assignments that promote higher level thinking skills, analysis projects, and vocabulary development are crucial elements to  our middle school literature courses. 
  • Writing- Shurley English is used to develop a good knowledge of the parts of speech and skills necessary to write with purpose. Writing is incorporated into all subject areas in the middle school curriculum with an emphasis on personal narrative, expository, persuasive and. poetry.
  • Physical Education- is offered twice weekly. Students focus on team sports and skills needed to improve in a variety of physical exercises. Recess is given most days before lunch.
  • Spanish- Espanol Santanilla- Integration of language and culture and strong focus on authentic communication helps students develop language, vocabulary, and grammar skills in authentic contexts.
  • Electives-Advanced Spanish, General Music, General Art, Choir, Band, Ceramics, Digital News Journal, Yearbook, Robotics, 3D Fabrication and Design, Theater, Theater Set Design, Spartan Stretch and Strengthen, Study Skills, Sign Language. Electives are subject to change from year to year. 


Our middle school is a 1:1 Chromebook program dedicated to providing a challenging curriculum and developing students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills while guiding students to grow into good stewards of their faith. Students learn to integrate technology into their everyday school life. By using a combination of textbooks, ebooks, and other online sources for their course work, they develop the ability to research and seek answers in a variety of ways to the questions that are presented to them. Students submit their completed work in person, by email, or through drop box applications in Haiku/Powerschool.  Faculty guidance, online collaboration with peers and the ability to access classroom management pages in Haiku teach our students to take responsibility for their own learning in this digital age.


Our extensive elective program offers students the opportunity to learn a variety of new skills during the school day such as Ceramics, Robotics, 3D Design and Fabrication, Advanced Spanish, and Debate.  The Musical Theatre elective works with the beginning Band elective and Theatre Set Design elective to produce an amazing Christmas program as well as a fun spring play. Yearbook and Digital News Journal help students to document the happenings in our school for others to learn about now and in the future. General Music and Art courses are also offered for those who want an overview of the subject. Study Skills elective sets up the 6th graders with the expectations of middle school while improving their note-taking skills, organization and many other student responsibilities. Electives change from year to year, but each year students are able to take three to four different electives, which means a possibility of 12 different elective opportunities throughout their entire middle school years! 



Our certified faculty and staff are committed to helping every student reach his or her potential.  Teachers work with students and their families through frequent communication and recognition of student achievements.  Teachers truly care about the students and understand the many developmental stages, capabilities and challenges of middle school aged students.  Each student is treated as a child of God and embraced for their unique strengths. 



  • Students who excel in scholarship, leadership and service are recognized by their induction into the National Junior Honor Society.  
  • Students may also run for an office in St. Paul Student Council.
  • Students showing an aptitude for higher Math through formalized testing are selected to be in an Honors Algebra I Course with the option to test out in high school.
  • Students showing an aptitude for Spanish are invited to participate in the Advanced Spanish. These students are given the opportunity to test out of Spanish I in High School.
  • Every year several students are invited to take the ACT test as part of the Duke Tip Program. Many St. Paul students in the past have been invited to participate in the Duke Tip programs offered to middle school students.
  • 7th and 8th Grade students participate in Science Fair, we have had many students go onto regional and state competitions.
  • 6th and 8th Grade students participate in History Fair, we have had many students go onto regional and state competitions.
  • Students from St. Paul compete each year in the Sandy Sansing Spelling Bee. For the first time, in 2017, winners of this Bee will go to the State level to compete.

St. Paul graduates are prepared for high school and continue to accomplish great successes due to the foundation of knowledge and faith acquired while a student at St. Paul Catholic School.



Middle School Curriculum

School Knights of St. Paul



St. Paul Catholic School has developed a unique house program for the middle school students known as the School Knights of St. Paul.  Now in its third year, the four houses are continuing to evolve into student designed entities that help the students develop team building skills, recognize students for daily successes and build school spirit. 

  • Each house was named after four, closed catholic schools in the area as a way to continue on the work they started so many years ago. 
  • Students are knighted into a house in the fall and remain a member of that same house until they graduate.  The formal knighting ceremony is exciting for the students and faculty house leaders as they welcome the new knights into their house. 
  • Community service projects are decided by house members and range from helping collect items for local charities to helping local parishes with various events. 
  • Students have designed all of the artwork on the house t-shirts, house stoles and house shields. 
  • Each year, a new project is accomplished beginning with students’ visions and then carried out to completion through hard work by the students.
  • Students earn points daily for good behavior and exemplary academic successes.  House tournaments also earn points and consist of athletic and academic challenges. 
  • Extreme house spirit days are also an opportunity for students to display their house pride. 
  • The house with the most points at the end of the year wins the coveted trophy on which they must add an embellishment!
  • Elementary classes are assigned to a house to support for service projects and competitions.