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In addition to many high quality academic and extra-curricular resources, St. Paul Catholic School has a Catholic character in everything that happens at the school. The beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church are a critical part of our school.

The history of education in the Catholic Church has many names to proclaim as gems in her crown: St. Augustine of Hippo, St. Thomas Aquinas, Louis Pasteur, Gregor Mendel, Blaise Pascal, René Descartes, Nicolaus Copernicus, and many other great scholars who were members of the Catholic Church. In its two-thousand year history, Catholic intellectual and educational traditions have significantly developed all dimensions of human knowledge including ethics, language, history, psychology, sociology, mathematics, and logic. Additionally, Catholic education has given rise to such priceless societal gems as the university as well as modern natural science. St. Paul Catholic School strives to sink its roots into this fertile soil of the history of the Catholic Church. The overall approach of St. Paul Catholic School is informed by the distinguished and time-tested traditions of Catholic education. 

This is the historical pedigree of St. Paul Catholic School, and we endeavor to live up to these historical achievements of Catholic education. The Catholic identity of the school has been evident throughout its history by intimate and direct contact with the parish, frequently having joint community events with the parish or diocesan communities. A long history of religious sisters serving as principals has given St. Paul School a distincly Catholic legacy: Sr. Regina, Sr. Maria, Sr. Coralee, Sr. Dolorita, Sr. Elizabeth, and Sr. Patricia. 

Like the daily habits of the Catholic saints, prayer is an integral part of our school day. The Catholic character of the school is evident through the faith-centered and family-like approach of how the school day unfolds. Prayer permeates the entire school day, with morning prayers, grace before meals, Confiteor at the end of the day, and Weekly Mass. Prayer always takes an intentional and explicitly central role, as it always has in places where the best and the brightest minds of Catholicism have grown and thrive.

Through Christ We Learn All

St. Paul Catholic School is one of the primary missions of St. Paul Parish.

About St. Paul School

St. Paul Catholic School is recognized by the Florida Catholic Conference with its highest designation - Accredited with Distinction »

St. Paul Catholic School is a Christ-centered learning community that inspires lifelong growth of mind, body, and spirit.