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Why should I, and How Much Should I give?

Why should I give?

We acknowledge our Creator as the source of all we have and all we are.  Everything we have ultimately has been given to us by our God.  When we in turn place our loving Creator at the center of our life, we make an offering back to God of the first and best portion of all we receive.  We do this both as sign of our love and in thanksgiving for all the many blessings we have received.

 We place our trust, security and faith in God, instead of in money and possessions.  When we give of our treasure at the offertory, we are expressing our belief that God will make good on the solemn and repeated promise given to us that we will be taken care of.  We trust that the 90% that will be left after we give our gift will be enough for our material needs.

How much should I give?

It is not the gift, but the intention to give that is most important.  Any amount given to the Parish is always meaningful and appreciated.  The tithe spoken of in the Bible is 10%.  We recommend parishioners give 5% of their gross income to the parish in their offertory gift, that 1% be used to support diocesan ministry through your CSA (Catholic Sharing Appeal) commitment, and the balance of 4% for other charitable causes.  Some families are able to give more and other families can not give as much.  Others choose to tithe the total amount of 10% to the parish to simplify their giving plan.  We ask that you prayerfully consider your gift of treasure for the coming year.

What happens to the gifts we give?

Your gifts, given so generously through the stewardship of treasure, are used to fulfill the mission of our parish and diocese.  Your offertory gift is the life blood of our daily parish ministry and supports all our programs and costs which help change lives for the better.  Your CSA gift supports diocesan ministry and some of our capital needs.  Within our faith community we also practice the tithe.  Rather than having second collections during our celebration of the liturgy for ministry outside our parish, we take 10% of the collection and offer it up in support of others in need around the world.

Follow this link to offer a financial gift with a credit card.