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Participants in Celebrating Mass

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Participants in Celebrating Mass

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- Participants in Celebrating Mass -



Ones who assist in the celebration (i.e., carrying candles, holding the Pope’s staff, miter, etc.).


Those present to celebrate the liturgy. Other terms: to use: “The Community,” “The Church (as people not building),” “The Worshippers,” “The Faithful,” or “the congregation.” Avoid: Spectators, Crowd, Audience—all passive words which do not reflect what those present at Mass do. NOTE: It is the entire assembly (ordained and nonordained) that celebrates the liturgy of the Mass, therefore avoid: The Pope’s Mass, The Bishop’s Mass, His Mass, etc.–all terms which would give the impression that it is only the Pope or clergy who celebrate Mass.


One who leads the singing during the liturgy (i.e., the responsorial psalm).


The one who presides over the assembly and consecrates the Eucharistic Sacrament.


Those priests and bishops who join the Celebrant in celebrating the Mass.

Cross bearer

The one who carries the cross in the procession (entrance and recessional).


An ordained minister who assists the Celebrant during the Liturgy of the Word and at the altar for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

Master of Ceremonies

One who assists in the preparation of the liturgy and is present to facilitate the movement of the entire celebration.

Ministers of Communion

Those who assist in the distribution of Communion; also called Eucharistic Ministers.


One who proclaims the scriptures during the Liturgy of the Word.