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Saint Paul Catholic Church Ministry Leader Resource Guide


Thank you for sharing your gifts of time and talent in the role of Ministry Leader. The information provided here will help make this role easier for you. If you have any questions that are not addressed here, contact the Parish Office at 434-2551 x100.

 Contact Information

Business Manager, Donnie Plombon 434-2551 x103

Director of Music, Brian Brown 434-2551 x109

Facilities Manager, Kevin Dion 221-6805

Parish Events, Mgr Sherry Vo 251-689-2004

Parish Secretary, Debbie Ridder 434-2551 x106

Administrative Assistant, Rachael  Kirk 434-2551 x100

School Principal, Lara Schuler 436-6435

School Secretary, Lisa Frazier 436-6435


Scheduling Meeting Space

Contact the Parish Secretary for all meeting room reservations. Let her know how    many will be in your group and she will work with you to reserve the best available space for you. She can also help with information for needed equipment  and supplies.

 Room Access

 Rooms you have reserved should be open for you when you arrive at the time you have   reserved.   Contact the Facilities Manager if you need help accessing space.

 Setup/Tables and Chairs

 You will be responsible for setting up tables and chairs for your meeting. The Parish Events       Manager can answer any questions you may have about where they are located, as well as     provide information about supplies, tablecloths, etc.

 Audio-Visual Equipment

 Contact the Facilities Manager for any Audio-Visual needs.

 Kitchen/Coffee Service/Supplies

 Please contact the Parish Events Manager in advance of your meeting to arrange for coffee   service, paper products, and/or use of the kitchen.

  Temperature Control

  For any questions about temperature control, contact the Facilities Manager.

  Clean up/Lock-up

 All efforts are made to ensure that meeting spaces are clean before your event. Please help   with this for others by leaving the space clean when you are finished. Please empty all trash   cans and    bring trash to the dumpsters. Make sure all equipment is turned off, all lights are   turned off, and        that doors are securely locked.

Offsite Use of Parish Equipment

We do not allow the use of parish tables, chairs, or other equipment off site. For any questions  about this policy, contact the Facilities Manager.


Ministries have several options for advertising meetings and events. All advertising is subject to approval.


 To have information listed in the bulletin, submit by email to   Submissions are due before Friday at 5pm. Please email submissions at least two weeks before   your ministry’s event to insure proper notification.

 Online Calendar

 To have information posted on the parish website Online Calendar, submit by email to Diane   Wilkinson at or call 516-0924.


To have information posted to the Parish Website, contact Debbie  Ridder at 434-2551 x106

 MyParish App

 To have information about your ministry shared through MyParish App, contact the Debbie vRidder   434-2551 x106.

 Mass Announcements

 To have information included in the Mass announcements, submit by email   to  by Thursday.

 Pulpit Announcements

 To have someone from your ministry speak during Mass, contact Fr.Craig Smith at at least one month in advance. Pulpit announcements are limited   to one   ministry per month and are subject to approval.

 Distribution of Information/Flyers through St. Paul School

 Contact the School Principal.

 Information Table - Fellowship Events

 If you would like to have a table for your ministry set up in the gym during Coffee and   Doughnuts,   contact Parish Secretary 434-2551. Information tables are not to be set up in   the  Narthex.

 Collection of Forms/Payments

 To have members of your ministry turn in forms, permission slips and/or payments for events   at the   parish office, contact the Parish Secretary.


 To use the parish office copy machine to make copies for your ministry, contact the Parish   Secretary for information including instructions and paper supply.

Music and Sound System in Church

For assistance with any events held in the church regarding music and use of the sound system and microphones, contact the Music Director well in advance of the event.

Financial Considerations

The parish may provide ministries with financial support for some supplies and materials. Also, a tax-exempt number may be used for some ministry purchases when made with a parish check or credit card. For more information, contact the Business  Manager.

Working with Youth and/or Elderly

For information on required Safe Environment training, background check, and fingerprinting for ministries working with the youth or elderly, contact the Parish Secretary.


For information on required Diocesan approval and clearance to be a volunteer driver for ministry events, contact the Parish Secretary.

Maintenance Issues

Please contact the Facilities Manager or Parish Events Manager for any maintenance issues, questions, or concerns.

Reporting Accidents

Please report any accidents that occur on our property or at ministry events to the Director of Operations as soon as possible