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Liturgical Objects

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Celebration of Mass

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Liturgical Objects

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The white garment covering one’s street clothes.


A table on which the sacrifice of the Mass is offered to God. It is the center of importance in the place where the Mass is celebrated. Also called: “The Table of the Lord.”


A vessel or device used for sprinkling holy water during special blessings. The ordinary type is a metallic rod with a bulbous tip which absorbs the holy water and discharges it at the motion of the user’s hand.

Book of Gospels

The book which contains the Gospel texts, from which the priest or deacon proclaims the Gospel of the day.

Bread and Wine

The elements used in the celebration of Eucharist (unleavened bread and natural pure wine). NOTE: After the Eucharistic Prayer the bread and wine is referred to as: “the consecrated bread and wine” or “the Body and Blood of Christ.” Catholics do not believe that the bread and wine are mere symbols; they believe the bread and wine actually become the Body and Blood of Christ.


A non-liturgical, full-length, close-fitting robe for use by priests and other clerics under liturgical vestments; usually black for priests, purple for bishops and other prelates, red for cardinals, and white for the Pope.


The major church in an archdiocese or diocese. It is the seat of the local Ordinary (diocesan bishop, religious superior or other authority).

Celebrant’s Chair

The place where the celebrant sits during the Liturgy. It expresses his office of presiding over the assembly and of leading the prayer of those present.


The cup used to hold the wine that is consecrated to become the Blood of Christ.


The vestment worn over the alb by priests, bishops and Pope when celebrating the Mass.


A vessel used to hold the consecrated bread for the distribution of the Body of Christ during communion.

Crosier (pastoral staff)

The staff which a bishop carries when he presides at the liturgy.


The vestment the deacon wears over the alb on solemn occasions.


The place from which the Scriptures are proclaimed. Avoid: “pulpit.”


The book that contains all of the readings from the Scriptures that are used in the celebration of the liturgy.


A headdress worn at some liturgical functions by bishops, abbots and, in certain cases, other clerics.


Special stole made of lamb’s wool worn over the chasuble by the Pope and archbishops; it signifies communion of archbishops with the Holy See.


The plate used to hold the bread.

Processional Cross

The cross carried in the processions.


The book used by the celebrant, containing all the prayers for the liturgy of the Mass.


The vestment worn around the neck by all ordained ministers. For priests, bishops and Pope, it hangs down in front (under the chasuble); deacons wear it over their left shoulder crossed and fastened at the right side.


A loose, flowing vestment of white fabric with wide sleeves. For some functions it is inter-changeable with an alb.


Place in the Church where the Eucharist or sacred species are stored.


The vesture ministers wear.


Skull cap worn by the Pope (white), bishops (purple) and cardinals (red).