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Why do we not talk in church before and after Mass?

Bulletin Insert

October 2009

What we've heard...

ln the process of the Faith Engaged program, we have become aware that there are questions and concerns about whether or not we should be "talking in church.” Let s take a moment to clarify.

There have been comments on both sides of this issue. Some people are very appreciative of the fact that people are not carrying on conversations inside the church where we worship. The atmosphere of quiet helps them to pray by spending these few moments of the week in quiet prayer before and after Mass. Other people want to be able to greet those around them, or say hello to those they know, and maybe have a conversation about the past week. Some of these people feel like the atmosphere of quiet makes the church cold and unfriendly, and we all know that Christ does not call us to be cold and unfriendly toward each other.

Let us acknowledge this point first: whatever has been said or you may have heard in the past, there is no rule about "talking in church” at St. Paul.

Secondly: we encourage you to be respectful of your fellow parishioners and the sacred space in which we worship together our heavenly Father.

Thirdly: we encourage you to use the narthex as well as the plaza in front of the church for as much visiting, socializing, and talking as you would like.

We hope this clarification helps us to grow as a parish in the love of Christ.