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When do We Bless Children During Mass?

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January 2010

When are Children Blessed during Mass?

Scripture and the Church teach us that one of God’s most precious gifts is the gift of life.  That gift is perhaps most apparent to us in the gift of our children.  The Church strongly endorses that, nurtures that, and blesses that.  Saint Paul Catholic Church deeply loves our children.

The bible also teaches there is a time and a place for everything.  The Church teaches the same and practices the same.  The practice of proper time and place is perhaps most apparent in our sacramental rites where everything in the rite takes place at a specific time and place in the rite. Our most common experience of that is the Mass.   That is, during Mass there is a proper time and place for everything appropriate to the rite.

For example, the rite of Holy Communion during Mass is the time for focusing on Christ, adoring him, and receiving him.  The Communion reception line is focused upon physically receiving the presence of Christ. Consequently, focusing on Christ, respecting his presence in the Host, and receiving His presence is the appropriate and timely thing the Church does during Holy Communion whether one is in the Communion line or stays in the pews.  Nothing else happens during the part of the Mass called the Communion rite.

The Blessing during Mass also has a beautiful time and place.  The Blessing is inclusive of all who are gathered for that Mass whether we have received Holy Communion or not.  Everyone, including all children, receive a very real blessing from Christ through the Priest after communion at the very end of Mass as all are sent forth blessed in the Lord.