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What is Rounding?

Something very important is about to take place in our parish. Have you heard of Rounding? A fellow parishioner will be calling you to “Round” with you.  You may be asking what in the world is Rounding? 
Our priests and deacons cannot be in contact with everybody one on one, so Rounding is a systematic process to reach out to our parishioners to help ensure that we – as clergy, staff, and ministry leaders – are serving parishioners as well as possible. 

So, a fellow parishioner will be calling you to round with you, to ask for your input on a few things. Don’t fret. It is not about money. 

During these calls, we are going to ask a few basic questions, such as:
  • How are you and your family doing?

  • What is working well in the parish?

  • Is there anyone in the parish, a leader or another parishioner, you would like recognized for something special that they have done?

  • Is there some way  we improve your worship or liturgical experience?

  • How can our parish better meet your spiritual needs? 
The parish leadership team will review the questions and feedback to identify specific ways to work with you to help transform Saint Paul Catholic Church into the more vibrant, fully engaged parish that we all know it can be. 

It will take time, but our goal is to Round on every single adult in the parish. If you are married both you and your spouse will receive a call. We noticed that husbands and wives sometimes have differing opinions! So we want to hear from both of you. 

So when a fellow parishioner calls you to “Round” with you please welcome their call.