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Parish Logo

customLogo.pngPerhaps you have wondered about our Parish Logo and the meaning of its design?

Saint Paul himself interprets the use of the sword in the design in his words to the Ephesians (6:17): 'Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the God.’ St. Paul had availed himself of real swords as he breathed 'threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord' before his conversion and was directly called by Christ to wield the spiritual sword of the Gospel as he carried His name to people of many lands. The sword is also the instrument his martyrdom. Thus, the sword and the Bible are an integrated part of the logo.
Note too how the sword looks like a cross because the way of Christ is the way of the cross. Furthermore, the sword is a three edged blade with a triangle in its heart which denotes the Sacred Trinity. The circle in the hilt of the sword symbolizes infinity.
The blue star burst emanating from both the Bible and the sword in the center of a field of blue creates brilliant blues which become dynamic and dramatic, engaging burst of color that expresses the exhilarating impact of the Word of God who is Jesus Christ Himself.  The ribbon is the same color as the star burst because it lies in the midst of the Word which has just been read or proclaimed and hence the ribbon marks the dynamic interchange of written word and internalized word.
The overall blue field is a symbol for one who is trustworthy, dependable and committed. Because it is the color of the sky and the ocean, blue is perceived as a constant in our lives. The white bible and the white outline of the sword symbolize the purity of Christ's word and the purity of His action.
The gothic shape of the logo imitates the repeating gothic arch throughout our church. The point of the arch has been described as “piercing towards heaven which echoes the thrust of the soul towards its Maker."  That is, the point of the arch appears to be pointing towards heaven in an effort to stretch the soul higher and closer to God.