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Funeral Music

At Saint Paul Catholic Church, we want to make the music for your loved one's funeral as comforting as possible.  You may request music, or leave the selections up to the Director of Music, whichever makes you most comfortable.  Contact the Director by calling 850.434.2551 ext. 109, or emailing  Below, funeral music suggestions are listed.
When and where can music be placed in funeral Masses at Saint Paul?
Prelude Music - One or more instrumental or choral pieces may be presented here.  Normally this is chosen by the Director of Music, but you may request certain special music here if you desire it.
Entrance Music/Song/Hymn
Responsorial Psalm  - Normally, families choose Psalm 23 of which the musical setting is usually, "Shepherd Me, O God".
Offertory Music/Song/Hymn
Music during the Liturgy of the Eucharist (Holy Holy, Memorial Acclamation, Great Amen, and Lamb of God)
Communion Music/Song/Hymn
Musical Meditation After Communion (optional) - This may be a solo, hymn, or instrumental piece.
Song of Farewell - This is an embellished version of the In Paradisum set to the hymn tune,Old Hundredth.  Or the In Paradisum may be chanted in Latin.
Recessional Music/Song/Hymn (optional)
Click here to view a list of all Approved Music for Funerals at St. Paul.