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"Ask Both What Your Parish Can do For You, and What You Can do For Your Parish"

The Parishioner-Parish Covenant 

During the Lenten Season of 2012, two questions were asked of parishioners: As a parishioner of St. Paul, what is expected of me? And, what can I expect from the parish?

Parishioners were given the opportunity to answer both questions through an in-pew survey. St. Paul was interested in knowing what it can do better to serve its parishioners’ needs. And most parishioners were interested in knowing what they can do better to live according to the Church’s teachings. The survey gave participants an opportunity to comment on both areas. The feedback from the surveys was analyzed and the data used to develop a covenant between the parish and its members. Parishioners were then asked to sign the covenant, indicating their commitment to St. Paul Parish and their desire to grow in a relationship with the Lord. Similarly, parish leaders and clergy signed the covenant, showing their determination to serve parishioners’ needs.

“The Lenten Season is an opportunity for everyone to re- focus,” said Fr. Doug. “The covenant establishes the way in which we live the remainder of the year - it is a discernment process, a time of reflection.”

Click here to download the completed covenant certificate in pdf