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Tomorrow at 8:30am

Welcome Stewards

Welcome Stewards are the face of the Body of Christ to those entering our church prior to Mass and leaving the church after Mass.  Their ministry is to make people feel the love of God by truly welcoming them into God’s house and into our parish community through friendly, kind, and authentically gracious service exhibited by “going the extra mile with a smile.”  Welcome Stewards will warmly greet all Mass attendees at various locations including the main doors entering the church, the narthex, and the doors leading into the sanctuary.

Additionally, Welcome Stewards should be willing to serve when asked to hand out Worship Aides before Mass, collect the Worship Aides, hand out bulletins and help to staff the Welcome Center after Mass, collect the offertory gifts during Mass and be available to graciously take care of any special needs that may arise with Mass attendees before, during or after Mass.  Welcome Stewards foster a sense of hospitality and community in which visitors, new members and established parishioners feel a sense of belonging to God, the parish, and the larger Church.

This is a critically important ministry that “lives our mission” of loving God, serving others and making disciples.  Welcome Stewards must set a Christian example at all times and possess a deep desire to love God, serve others, and foster discipleship.  A hospitable, positive and pleasant attitude is an absolute must for this ministry.