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Funeral Sacristan

Mission Statement: This ministry is comprised of individuals who assist, prior to and during each Funeral Mass, by setting up the Sacristy and church with the necessary items for the celebration of the Funeral Mass.

What Does this Ministry Do: The Funeral Sacristan welcomes the bereaved family members to the church and assists them as necessary with special requests. They ae hospitality ministers as well for each funeral. They work with the funeral home representatives to make the occasion proceed as smoothly and solemnly as possible. There are occasions when the Funeral Sacristan will proclaim the readings for the family, assist the celebrant in administering the Body and Blood of Christ, and perform other duties as requested.

This ministry is most rewarding as it provides the Funeral Sacristan the opportunity to offer solace and support to the Christian family and loved ones of the deceased when they need it most.