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Bereavement Support Ministry

Mission  Statement: The Bereavement Support Ministry offers friendship and understanding to families who have experienced the death of a loved one. Navigating life after a time of loss can be overwhelming. By serving others, while sharing their loss, we offer ongoing support during their most difficult of times.


We are focusing our efforts in order to reach out to those persons within our parish community who have experienced the death of a dear one. In particular those who have experienced a recent loss.

In our society we have come to believe that self-control is a sign of strength. The truth is that controlling our feelings at all cost can sometimes bring about overwhelming stress and illness resulting in mental and physical health issues. Self-acceptance of ourselves and our expression to the range of feelings, thoughts, moods and reactions to the pain of our loss during our grief journey helps in our path to recovery.

Yes, it is okay to cry, be angry, fearful, guilty, depressed or even confused. Members of a Bereavement Support Group will listen to one another because, we know the value of expressing feelings because of our own personal experience which has helped us find a degree of healing and comfort in fellowship with members of your Parish family.

 For more  information or assistance you may call Jim Guttman, 466-5834